really all you need to know about the american health care system is that there’s a popular tv series where a man turns to cooking industrial quantities of crystal meth in order to pay his hospital bills

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"oh my god, you’re seriously going to pay college kids $15 an hour to flip burgers? get a real job!"


a real job? you mean, like, an internship at the white house?


okay, well what about the national democratic party?


what about interning at the united nations?


wow damn it’s almost like our economy functions on stealing labour from hardworking young people, regardless of whether their jobs are “real” or not

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PRO TIP: watching “how it’s made” is SUCH a good way to combat an anxiety attack! There’s soothing music, a soothing narrator who’s intonation never changes (narrators never yell or change their speaking pace), it’s engaging enough to keep you occupied but doesn’t force you to think too hard!

also sometimes the narrator makes bad puns

Archive of How It’s Made Episodes on Project Free TV

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Sex work needs to be ended, not supported.

Sex WORKERS are the ones that should be supported.

This is an oxymoron.

You do not “support sex workers” by trying to take away our…

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i never really liked

my name


until i found out

what it tastes like

when you write it in frosting

on top of a cake

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I’m high as shit and just debated in my argument class on why weed should be illegal and I won

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diner poetry with michael

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Nah, dude.  You don’t get to claim you wanna “save” sex workers from their jobs and then refer to them using disgusting, dehumanizing language that removes their humanity and autonomy.  Sex workers are HUMAN BEINGS, not “fucktoys”.  Like, how god damn dare you?  That kind of language displays a profound level of deep-seated, sex-shaming misogyny that is undeserved by any member of the sex work community.  Unfollow me immediately.  I am disgusted by you.

Calls a group of women disposable products and fucktoys and then claims to be a feminist. Ew.
Also apparently doesn’t take male sex workers into consideration. There’s a male sex worker working a second job at the Starbucks in the grocery store I work at. Is he also a disposable product and fucktoy or do you only hold such dehumanizing opinions about women?

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i used to think

if only you could put pizza on pizza and believe there was no way it could be done

but now, i have seen the light

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